FigureNotes Ltd
FigureNotes Global Ltd is a company founded to develop and market FigureNotes. The company has all IP- and copyrights for the FigureNotes.

Everyone can learn how to play music!

To make FigureNotes one of the leading ways how to learn music.

FigureNotes for everyone

  • Branding and IP management is our core competence in the long run.
  • Our goal is to develop new business opportunities to FigureNotes either alone or with best partners.

Continuous development

  • To secure future development for the FigureNotes.
  • To make sure that FigureNotes is the most advanced method to learn music also in the future.

Social Responsibility: Giving To Charity
FigureNotes Global Ltd is involved in giving back to the community. Our charity goes to Special Music Centre Resonaari which is making revolutionary work in special music education with the disabled people. Read more about Resonaari www.resonaari.fi